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About MP3 Bible Study CDs

The audio files on the Bible Study CDs are stored in MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 format (MP3). MP3 is a popular audio compression method specified by the Motion Picture Experts Group.

One of the advantages of MP3 is the availability of portable MP3 players or iPods. These players allow you to listen to MP3 audio anywhere you go. Following are some examples where you could use your MP3 player to listen to Study CDs.

  • Plug your MP3 player into the tape player of your automobile and listen to Study CDs as you drive. Some MP3 players come with an adapter that you can plug into your tape player. A tape adapter can be purchased if not included with the MP3 player.
  • Connect the MP3 player to your home stereo and listen from the comfort of your living room.
  • Bring the MP3 player with you as you exercise.
  • To download MP3 files to an iPod, click here to see instructions.

The audio quality of MP3 files is excellent. It is difficult to distinguish the difference between the original file and the MP3 encoded file, even though the size of MP3 audio file can be a fraction of the original. To hear a sample MP3 file, click here.

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